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He could not have picked a worse place to stand.

By Dan Gartland
August 27, 2019

He could not have picked a worse place to stand

A little water never killed anybody but it can ruin your day, as one Russian sideline reporter learned. 

Evgeniy Evnevich was previewing Sunday’s Russian Premier League match between CSKA Moscow and Akhmat Grozy live on Match TV. He picked a spot in the corner of the pitch to stand because he thought it had the best lighting. What he neglected to note was the sprinkler head right beside him. 

Evnevich insisted in a long Instagram caption that he didn’t soak himself on purpose as a publicity stunt, and after seeing the aftermath I’m inclined to believe him. 

He still had to report on the match and do postgame coverage, so Evnevich went to the bathroom and spent half an hour trying to dry himself off. He ended up using the hand dryer to try to get as much moisture out of his shirt as possible. His shoes were a lost cause, though, and were still soaked when he got home seven hours later. 

The worst part might be that the headphones he ruined actually belonged to his engineer. “The engineer’s revenge for broken headphones is the worst thing that can happen to you,” Evnevich wrote on Instagram.

Come on, Bill

Bill Belichick’s whole gruff approach with the media came back to bite him yesterday. Asked for his reaction to Andrew Luck’s retirement, Belichick said, “Yeah, he’s a good player. I didn’t see that, but I don’t really follow them.”

That quote sure makes it sound like Belichick had only learned of Luck’s decision in that moment. The Patriots had to issue a statement later clarifying that Belichick meant he didn’t see Luck’s departure coming. If only Belichick liked to use a few more words, we could have avoided this. 

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