Need a name for your fantasy football team? We have you covered. 

By Dan Gartland
September 02, 2019

A good team name won’t make or break your fantasy football season, but it can salvage it. If your team goes down the tubes thanks to a combination of injuries and poor drafting (as it always does), then a clever name can at least limit the embarrassment. Try these on for size.

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• Any Size McCaffrey Coffee

• Cohen’s Fashion Optical

• He Went to Jared

The chart-topping hit

• Horses in the Dak

• Here’s to You, Allen Robinson

• Kerryon My Wayward Son

• The Ballage Dropout

A Drake reference

• In My Thielens

• Keke, Do You Love Me?

• Hotline Sterling

• You Used to Call Me on My Renfrow

The obscure reference no one will probably get

• Gamer Gurley Bathwater

• John Brown’s Body

• Bilal Guys

• Royce Freeman Da 5'11"

Only for ’90s kids

• The Miles Sanders Show

• Jack Doyle Rules!

• Judge Ito

• Fuller House

• Peyton “The Barber” Beefcake

• Hey Darnold

• Sanu Pornographers

• I Like Wil Lutz and I Cannot Lie

Only for people with kids

• Baby Chark

• Dalvinnnnnn!!!

• Dalvin and the Chipmunks

• Fuller House

For gamers

• King Dede(de)

• Fournette Battle Royale

• Super Mariota Bros.

Classic literature

• Waiting for Goedert

• Brate Expectations

• For Whom the Le’Veon Tolls

• Dr. Odell and Mr. Hyde

• Agholord of the Rings

The same hack name you use every year

• Easy Brees-y

• Honey Funchess of Oats

• Penny for Your Thoughts

Even more to choose from

• Hot Gurley Summer

• Golden Tate Warriors

• Fuller House

• Gore: Ragnarok

• Enunwa Ya Business

• Le’Veon Quotidien

• Forgive and Fournette

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