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Bill Belichick really doesn’t want to talk about Antonio Brown. 

By Dan Gartland
September 09, 2019

You really thought he was going to answer that?

The Patriots didn’t look hungry for more offensive weapons in their 33–3 win over the Steelers, but of course they will be adding one of the most dangerous players in the league—Antonio Brown. 

The subtext throughout the thrashing was that Pittsburgh, whose offense sputtered all night long, had been forced to give up Brown. The Steelers reportedly didn’t want to send Brown to the Patriots because they’re one of their biggest rivals. And now New England got AB without having to give up any draft picks. It’s basically a worst case scenario for the Steelers. 

Ben Roethlisberger, your thoughts?

Bill Belichick pulled off a major heist but he’s not in the mood to gloat about it. After the game, a reporter asked Belichick if he had anything to say about Brown and the coach shut him down before he could even finish the question. 

Belichick must have been especially fed up because this was actually the second Antonio Brown question that he was asked in his postgame presser. Another reporter asked him about Brown’s potential impact on the team’s offense and Belichick gave a supremely generic answer. 

“Yeah, no, I'll talk about the game and the players that are on our team,” Belichick said. “I thought they did a great job tonight. Offensively we had some balance and made some big plays, had a couple of big throws down the field for touchdowns and big gains. Any time you can get those explosive plays that helps open things up.”

He better hope things stay that boring once AB comes to town. 

This guy should have been a star

There’s no reason you should have heard of Montana Tech or former Orediggers head coach Bob Green, but if he coached anywhere but the NAIA level he would have been a folk hero. Just listen to these quotes. 

Aside from a Ricky Reilly column at ESPN nine years ago, it looks like Green’s bits of wisdom didn’t reach far beyond Butte. 

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Holy moley, what a snag

How did he hang on to this?

And the Giants had no other highlights all day

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Tell ’em, Lamar

Not bad at all

By god, that’s The Undertaker’s music!

Yeah, sure, why not?

They’re just as hideous as I feared

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Cam needs to fire his stylist

Well played

This is a genius invention

Soak it all in, Rafa

She really got ejected for this?

Mets fans are tearing their hair out

It’s a miracle she wasn’t seriously injured

Maybe don’t make your turnover totem a potential weapon

Not sports

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I laughed

Wayne, what is going on with your pants?

Run as fast as you can

A good song

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