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Anybody know what time it is?

By Dan Gartland
September 17, 2019

Anybody know what time it is?

If you thought the $350,000 watch Odell Beckham wore in a game Week 1 was crazy, just wait until you see what he pulled out for Week 2. 

Beckham took the field for warmups at his old stomping grounds of MetLife Stadium wearing a watch from Swiss designer Richard Mille that is valued at a whopping $2 million. 

Here’s a closeup:

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According to Professional Watches, the small fortune Beckham wore on his wrist was the RM 56-01, made in 2013. It cost $1.96 million. Had he sprung for the 2014 model RM 56-02 Tourbillon Sapphire, it would have pushed the price tag to $2.02 million. 

The watch Beckham wore is made primarily of synthetic sapphire crystal, which Professional Watches notes is a very brittle material that risks being destroyed in the course of a football game. That, more than the NFL’s threat to fine him, was probably why he took it off before the game started. What’s a little fine from the league when you have seven figures on your wrist?

How does he do it?

Beckham looked like two million bucks on the field for the game, too. He hauled in six passes for 161 yards and a touchdown, including a vintage one-handed grab along the sideline. 

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The touchdown came on a simple slant route, but he’s so explosive that he was able to zoom 89 yards into the end zone. 

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