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Liverpool Fans Travel to Wrong Belgian City for Champions League Game

In Thursday’s Hot Clicks: Two soccer fans make a very expensive geography error, Simone Biles’s incredible first pitch and more.

At least Liverpool won

Two Liverpool fans in Belgium for Champions League game

Two English men learned the hard way that they should have paid closer attention in geography class when they realized they were in the wrong city in Belgium mere minutes before the soccer game they traveled to attend was about to start. 

The guys traveled from England to watch Liverpool in the Champions League against Genk on Wednesday. Instead, they ended up in Ghent (spelled Gent in the local Dutch). Whoops!

According to a Facebook post from a patron in the bar, the directionally challenged Brits each spent €150 on a flight to Belgium and €70 on a ticket to the game, only to realize 30 minutes before the opening kick that they were a two-hour drive from where it was being played. 

The pair decided instead to watch the match on TV in a pub called The Irish Towers in Ghent. There, they gave an interview to a local TV channel and joked that they had simply misread a sign on the highway. 

There are two silver linings here, though. First of all, Liverpool beat Genk easily, 4–1. And the wayward travelers may end up seeing some soccer on their trip anyway. The team in Ghent, KAA Gent, offered them tickets to the club’s Europa League game against Wolfsburg on Thursday. 

They can also take solace in the fact that they’re not the first people to do this. Last year, a fan of a Portuguese team traveled to the wrong Frankfurt in Germany.

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