The Nationals Had the Time of Their Lives at the Capitals Game

In Monday’s Hot Clicks: The Nationals drink all the beer at Capital One Arena, Deshaun Watson credits Popeyes with healing his eye and more.
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I don’t think there’s any beer left in the arena

Washington Nationals celebrate World Series win at Capitals game

The Nationals are going to wake up this morning with one hell of a hangover. 

The team has been partying seemingly non-stop since Saturday, beginning with the championship parade through D.C. and continuing at Sunday night’s Capitals game. 

The parade was a wild time (just ask Brian Dozier) but things really popped off at the Caps game. The whole squad was in attendance to be honored before the game and then all hell broke loose. 

Adam Eaton celebrated a goal by chugging a beer through his jersey. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that the Nats were feeling loose enough to rip off their shirts during their Zamboni ride. 

And the shirts stayed off when the players got back up to their box. 

The boys consumed an absolutely staggering amount of beer. Just check out all those empties lined up on the ledge. 

Washington Nationals celebrate World Series at Capitals game

Yes, Yan Gomes is dumping beer on the fans below him. 

Some of those empty bottles became souvenirs for some lucky fans sitting in the seats below.

The Caps won the game so the partying continued in the dressing room, where Alex Ovechkin got a piggyback ride and Gerardo Parra got a lesson in the basics of hockey. 

It might look to the average person like quite a bender, but Capitals center Evgeny Kuznetsov wasn’t that impressed. 

Of course, Kuznetsov was seen in a video after the Capitals won it all in 2018 in a Las Vegas hotel room next to a few lines of white powder and was then suspended from international play for four years after a positive cocaine test

The Nats still have all winter to party hard enough to impress Kuznetsov. 

Baker needs some style tips from Odell

The Browns hype train is officially off the rails after Cleveland’s loss to the Broncos yesterday. Denver entered the game at 2–6 and was starting a quarterback (Brandon Allen, a sixth-round pick in 2016) who had never thrown an NFL pass before. And yet, it was the Cleveland offense that looked incompetent. The Browns scored only one touchdown in a 24–19 loss. 

Basically, the Browns offense looked every bit as schlubby as Baker Mayfield did after the game. The quarterback took the podium wearing an undershirt, scarf and oversized coat. He looked like a guy going out to get his newspaper on a cold winter morning, and he got roasted to hell for it. 

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