Colts Lineman Quenton Nelson Explains His Awesome Kegstand Celebration

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I can’t believe it took this long for a team to do this

Colts lineman Quenton Nelson does a kegstand touchdown celebration.

The touchdown may not have counted but we’ll always have the stellar celebration that followed. 

Leading the Jaguars 10–7 at the start of the second half and facing a third-and-goal from the 1-yard line, the Colts turned to All-Pro offensive lineman Quenton Nelson to punch the ball in.

Nelson lined up at fullback, took the handoff and plowed into the teeth of the Jacksonville defense. He came up well short but one official ruled the play a touchdown, so the Indianapolis offensive line leapt into action for its celebration. 

Give the Colts a lot of credit not only for the idea of the celebration but also for how they pulled it off. Nelson tips the scales at 330 pounds, so hoisting him up in the air is no small feat. Neither is supporting him on your back, like human keg Mark Glowinski had to do. 

Though the Colts scored a touchdown on the next play with a Jacoby Brissett pass, the quarterback was still upset that Nelson’s TD didn’t count. 

“Man, I almost cried because that celebration was pretty cool,” Brissett told the Indianapolis Star, “I hope that still can be nominated as one of the best celebrations because I don’t know how they picked him up.”

Nelson took a minute after the game to explain how it all came together. 

“I just thought of it one day and told the boys that we were gonna do it.” 

It was Nelson’s idea but the celebration wasn’t only for him. The Colts have other plays drawn up for their offensive linemen to score and decided whichever big boy crossed the goal line was going to be the one doing the kegstand. 

Glowinski was selected for his role as the keg because “he has the most stocky body and he also squats a ton,” Nelson said. 

Nelson was pleased with how the choreography turned out. 

“It was ruled a touchdown and we did it, and executed it perfectly,” he said. “All the wide receivers got in and shotgunned their chugs, so it was awesome.”

As for whether Nelson had any previous experience with this sort of thing, he only offered a dry “no comment.”

Is the NFL ever going to address this? 

Every time a coach throws a flag challenging a pass interference call/non-call, the referees should just skip the replay review and flip the coach double middle fingers. 

Fewer than 5% of pass interference challenges have been successful this season, and it’s not like coaches are throwing the red flag on borderline calls. They’re challenging calls like this one Bill O’Brien challenged yesterday. 

What do you think the result of the challenge was there? The Ravens defender practically tackled DeAndre Hopkins before the pass arrived and grabbed his arm. 

No pass interference, the replay review found. What a joke. 

Is the NFL going to tell us why its officials seem to be willfully ignoring one of its rules?

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