Deshaun Watson Woke Up at 2:01 A.M. to See His First NFL Check Hit His Bank Account

In Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Deshaun Watson talks about the time he got paid, Joel Embiid lays an egg and more.
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“This is crazy, man. I’m a millionaire now.”

Texans QB Deshaun Watson without his helmet on.

By elite NFL quarterback standards, Deshaun Watson’s rookie contract is a major bargain—only $13.8 million guaranteed over four years. He’ll make much, much more than that when he becomes a free agent in 2022 ($45-$50 million per year doesn’t sound crazy, the way QB salaries increase). 

But that second payday probably won’t match the thrill of his first. After signing his rookie deal, Watson says he woke up in the middle of the night just to see that direct deposit hit his bank account. 

“I was at the team rookie hotel and they were like, ‘Your first money is gonna hit the bank at 2 a.m.’,” Watson told The Boardroom. “We gotta get up at 6. So what I do, I set my alarm at 2:01. Woke up and I seen it in the bank account. It was just like, this is crazy man. I’m a millionaire now. I know taxes gotta come out, but still. I’ve never seen this much money in my life.”

It must be an incredible feeling to see that number in your account and realize you’re set for life. (I wouldn’t know.) 

You know Watson had to be disappointed on draft day to slip to the Texans at No. 12, especially when the Bears took Mitchell Trubisky at No. 2. Trubisky’s draft slot meant he got paid literally double what Watson got. But in that moment in the middle of the night in the hotel when you instantly become a millionaire, that hurts a little less. 

Joel Embiid scored ZERO points

Joel Embiid entered last night’s game against the Raptors averaging 22.8 points per game. This morning he’s averaging 21.0. 

That’s because Embiid went out and dropped a fat zero in 32 minutes of action. He missed all 11 shots he took from the floor, plus three free throws. 

He also had to hear it from Drake. 

“I can’t have this type of production," Embiid said after the game. “I would have never thought I would be here talking about zero points in an NBA game, but it is what it is. Some nights you make shots, some nights you don’t. Some nights you’re hot, some nights you're cold.”

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