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MLB Should Stop Wasting Time and Sign Off on Giving Fans All the Mic'd Up Action Possible: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. Likable Mets first baseman Pete Alonso just got even more likable.

The slugger, who belted 53 home runs as a rookie last season, is doing his part to make the game more entertaining for fans watching on TV by supporting the idea of having microphones at first base to pick up conversation and chatter.

Alonso was mic'd up for Wednesday's Cardinals-Mets game in which he was heard yelling encouragement to teammates and doing play-by play.

After the game, Alonso told the media he would still be against wearing a mic during the regular season because he needs to focus. However, baseball fans should be more than happy to take what they can get and MLB should absolutely take Alonso up on his offer to have mics around the first base bag all season.

Every time a player has been mic'd up, it's been a hit with fans. There is no downside. Any talk that fans can hear from players during a game, no matter how the audio is provided, is a win for everybody.

Earlier this week, Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo was mic'd up and we were treated to him taking a shot at the Astros.

On Wednesday, Alonso's teammates J.D Davis, who was with Houston during the 2017 season, and Dom Smith were also mic'd up, which led to Smith mocking Davis about "cheat sheets."

This is all good for the game. It gets the players attention. It provides the fans with something special. It gives all the outlets that cover baseball, as well as social media, content that people will consume. Nothing but positives.

One final note on Alonso: If we ever get to a point where players are mic'd up regularly, networks are going to have to be way more on top of their delay buttons.

2. Richard Jefferson has as savage a three-word reply for a fan that you'll ever hear.

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