The Rams’ New Logo Looks an Awful Lot Like a D-II School’s

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Seeing double?

The Rams revealed their long-awaited rebrand on Monday, dropping the new logo we’d been promised after the team moved back to Los Angeles and tweaking their colors slightly. 

Any sports team’s logo is going to be deeply scrutinized and criticized by tons of people, but this one is fine. It’s a little ’90s, but whatever. 

There’s just one weird thing about the new logo, though. The horn is pretty damn close to the one Division-II Angelo State University in Texas has already been using. 

It would be ridiculous to suggest that an NFL team straight-up stole a logo from a school in small city in West Texas. (Angelo State did, however, swipe the L.A. Rams’ helmet design for its football team.) The way the horn is broken into two segments is easy to pick up on as what makes the logos similar, but the Los Angeles logo is more complicated than that. 

The website the team made to explain the rationale behind the updated branding goes into great detail about why everything is designed the way it is. Most of it is nauseating marketing speak—“The LA mark was crafted with a focus on the horn intertwining with LA, ensuring that the Rams are forever tied to the city of Los Angeles”—but there is an interesting bit about how the horn wrapping around the LA follows the Fibonacci sequence. If you bear that in mind and look once again at the Los Angeles and San Angelo logos side by side, the NFL version looks so much better than that the D-II version. 

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