Taiwanese Women’s College Championship Ends on Heartbreaking Blown Layup

In Friday’s Hot Clicks: An honest-to-god sports highlight, how Justin Verlander spent Opening Day and more.
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Thank god, some real sports

Sound the alarm. We’ve got an actual sports highlight! It comes to us from Taiwan’s women’s college basketball championship game, and it’s a doozy.

Defending champion Fo Guang University faced Xinxin University, the team it defeated in the final last year, in the title game on Sunday

Xinxin led by one point in the closing seconds and couldn’t get a shot to fall that would have extended the lead to three. Fo Guang collected the rebound, found a wide-open teammate with an outlet pass and had a fast-break layup opportunity for the win at the buzzer. And the ball bounced off the rim. 

Oh the humanity! As the announcer said, it truly was “un-be-lievable.”

In fairness, though, how can you be expected to make a clutch layup when “The Final Countdown” is blaring? Did the person working the PA system hit the button by accident, or was that by design? 

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