An XFL Linebacker Is Donating Half of His Remaining Paychecks to Coronavirus Efforts

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He’s doing his part

The sudden halt to global sports was especially inconvenient for the XFL. The league had some buzz after the first few weeks of its inaugural season and would need to keep that momentum going to continue growing the league’s footprint in a second season. Unlike the AAF, which flamed out prematurely and spectacularly, the XFL’s first season ended due to circumstances beyond its control. 

It’s disappointing for several reasons, including for the players who were hoping to use the final five weeks of the season to add to their NFL audition tapes. But they’ll at least be paid through the end of the regular season. 

One player, former Texans linebacker Brian Peters, is putting that money toward a good cause. Peters announced Sunday that he’ll be donating half of his remaining five paychecks to food banks, medical workers and other coronavirus-related causes.

Peters has made a lot of money playing professional football, but not never-work-another-day-in-your-life money. After going undrafted out of Northwestern in 2012, he played in the Arena Football League, the short-lived United Football League and the CFL before landing on the Vikings’ practice squad in 2015. The Texans signed him later that year, and he spent four seasons as a key contributor on Houston’s special teams before his NFL career ended in 2018. His donations will total $3,900, which is no small chunk of change, but as Peters’s Twitter bio says, “Help and support are not yours to keep.”

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