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Adam Schefter Calls Out NFL for Holding Draft While 'There's Carnage in the Streets': TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. Good for Adam Schefter.

The ESPN reporter is clearly exasperated by the NFL acting as if nothing crazy is happening in the country and proceeding with everything as if it is business as usual.

During an appearance on Scott Van Pelt's SportsCenter on Tuesday night, Schefter did something he rarely, if ever, does—take the NFL to task. Specifically for going forward with the draft on April 23.

"We all want to see the days where we have the distraction of football," Schefter said. "OTAs? That's not happening. The offseason program? That's not happening. The draft is happening only through the sheer force and determination and lack of foresight from the NFL. They are determined to put this on while there is carnage in the streets."

Now, before the coronavirus truthers out there ("It's just the flu," "The numbers aren't real," etc.) send me a tweet or email about Schefter's use of hyperbole or inciting fear, remember that he is based in the Northeast. And while people may not be dying in the streets yet, hospitals in New York are a mess. The coronavirus numbers for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are staggering. The context of Schefter's comments are clear to anyone who is paying attention to what's happening.

Schefter also deserves credit for biting the hand that feeds him. The NFL and ESPN are partners, and the NFL will NOT be happy with Schefter's comments.

Last week, Schefter was advocating for the draft to be held over seven straight nights—one round per night. Clearly, he had a change of heart after hearing the latest information from experts about what's to come in the next few months, and that's commendable.

Schefter's strong words about the NFL's obliviousness come on the heels of the league announcing Tuesday that it intends to start the season on time

The league seems almost defiant about not having its plans altered by a pandemic. It's actually wild to see because what's going on in this country right now isn't just about people getting sick and dying. There are severe economic ramifications. 

Here's what NFL executive VP and general counsel Jeff Pash said Tuesday, via Sports Business Journal, about the NFL going forward with the season on time: "What the doctors are looking at are models that address the effectiveness of different kinds of interventions, on how the curve has trended down and tailed off in other countries, and what they believe will be the result based on the modeling that’s done in this country.” 

OK, fine. Let's say social distancing works and the NFL season starts on time. Does Goodell actually think 80,000 people are going to be comfortable cramming themselves into a stadium? Are people out of work going to spend money on NFL tickets? Are people struggling to pay bills going to pay $8 for a bottle of Poland Spring water at an NFL game or $30 to park?

In Goodell's mind, yes. 

Good luck with that.

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