Steph Curry Totally Gets It When It Comes To No Fans in Stands: TRAINA THOUGHTS


1. Steph Curry sees the benefit of the NBA playing games without fans in the stands.

With crowd noise being eliminated from each game, TV broadcasts will be able to pick up everything players, coaches and referees are saying on the court. And Curry thinks that will be highly entertaining for fans. 

"It would be raw," the Warriors superstar told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night. "Everybody has those mics on their jerseys sometimes, and they'll play like the 'Inside Trax' or whatever. This will take it to a whole other level of pure insanity of what we say on the court. That trash talk that happens, even myself taking part in it. But I think everybody, whether you're on the court or on the bench, all the nonsense like that might be something that's really appealing from a fan perspective to get real up close and personal with what we do on the court."

It sounds like Curry is saying players will step up their trash talking knowing that TV viewers will be able to hear what they are saying. Yes, please!

Not only will this pull back the curtain, it will provide us with all the content we need.

And if you watch Curry while he talks about this on Kimmel's show, you can see he's downright giddy about the possibility of the on-court trash talking going public. And so should every network.

Mic'd up players can only lead to bigger ratings, not less.

2. is offering prop bets for the final two episodes of The Last Dance airing this Sunday.

3. I'll just speak for myself, but as much as I love playing blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat, I think I'll stay away from all casinos for a while if this is where we're at.

4. Happy 67th birthday, George Brett. As always, thank you for this.

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7. SPORTS HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: I have said a million times here and on Twitter over the past couple of months that I only want to see old games from the '80s and early '90s and nothing that's taken place recently. I'm going to contradict myself and post a play that took place several months ago only because I had forgotten about it until I got into a YouTube rabbit hole the other day and remembered what a thing of beauty it was.

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