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Lakers, Warriors: Predicting the Next NBA Dynasty

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Some of the greatest dynasties in sports have been in the NBA. From the early years of the Boston Celtics to the Golden State Warriors, dominant teams have been recognized in every era of professional basketball. SI's Ben Pickman reflects on the best teams in league history and gives his prediction as to which teams are in the best position to be the next dynasty of the NBA. 

Robin Lundberg: The Last Dance in recent history has shown the NBA to be a league of dynasties. But is there actually another possibly on the horizon? For more, I'm joined by our Ben Pechman. Ben, there's no dynastic team right now. Could there be one again in the near future? 


Ben Pickman: Yeah, Robin, I think it's pretty tough to say that there will be. I mean, you look back at the Warriors and the challenges that that dynasty had, they became only the second team in NBA history to make five consecutive finals. Now, if you go back to four consecutive finals, only six teams have done that in the history of the league. It's a few and far between and specific list. And so I think the Warriors probably again, the continuation of this Curry dynasty is your most likely candidate to be a dynasty. 

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Again, say if they get another high level lottery perk, they continue to retool their roster and say it goes from three NBA finals wins in five years to four or five NBA titles, wins it more like nine years or ten years, similar to, say, the Spurs. The other argument, of course, is LeBron James, right, who seemingly is a one man dynasty leading both the Cavs and Heat to four consecutive finals each. And so with Anthony Davis. Yeah. Maybe the Lakers could be your dynasty of the twenty twenty. But with LeBron aging and with so much roster turnover and the lead being so talented, I think it's pretty tough to say that they're going to make three or four or five titles. 

Robin Lundberg: Yeah, LeBron's going to have to get that dynasty work in quickly in L.A. as far as Golden State. They could AD say a johnis, however. I think it's more likely they'd become a contender than dynastic again. Ben, appreciate your time, as always. 

Ben Pickman: Thanks a lot for having me. 

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