Kendall Fuller Can’t Stop Ripping Nasty Burps During Practice

In Friday’s Hot Clicks: A microphone brings us a little too close to Kendall Fuller, the Padres set an MLB record and more.
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Gross ...

Here’s something you didn’t need to know about me: I burp a lot. I’ve got chronic acid reflux (I take medicine for it and everything), and one thing that means is that I burp more than the typical person. I’ve learned to control my burps pretty well in the 20 years I’ve had it, so it’s not that gross. Still, I wouldn’t want to wear a microphone at work and have someone make a supercut of my burps like the Washington football team did with Kendall Fuller. 

Fuller was miked up for practice and got caught ripping nasty burp after nasty burp. 

So what’s the deal here? I burp a lot when I exercise, but I figured that’s because I’m not in great shape and I’m already prone to burping. It turns out, for a variety of reasons, exercise can cause burps. During exercise, you may gulp large amounts of air, which then has to come back out as a burp. Exercise also decreases blood flow to the stomach, which your digestive system counteracts by producing increased amounts of gas-producing hormones. Even more simply, the sloshing around of your stomach while you exercise can contribute to burping. 

But that’s enough science. Burps are funny, and it’s especially funny to see a Super Bowl champ belching his way through an NFL practice. We like to think of elite athletes like Fuller as finely tuned machines, but sometimes they have some gas to expel just like the rest of us. 

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