Rob Gronkowski Compares Chemistry With Tom Brady to ‘Butter and Maple Syrup’

In Thursday’s Hot Clicks: Gronk’s puzzling pancake analogy, new uniforms for two Dallas teams and more.
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Rob Gronkowski is one of the more perplexing interview subjects in sports. Somehow, his interactions with reporters are compelling and entertaining despite the fact that he rarely says anything all that interesting. You get the sense that, despite all the media training he’s surely done, what you’re seeing is the same Gronk you’d see hanging out with his buddies, making 69 jokes and speaking extremely broken Spanish. He’s a goofball, and that comes through. 

Gronk was at it again on Wednesday when discussing his connection with Tom Brady. 

After a slow start to the season, Gronkowski had touchdowns in his last two games, both on back-shoulder fades. 

Gronk was asked about his ability to connect with Brady on that play after 10 years working together. His response was ... puzzling. 

“It’s like a saying my mom used to say: It must be maple syrup because butter don’t drizzle like that,” Gronkowski said. “You don’t got much time to react and syrup drizzles. You gotta make that play. A stick of butter, it’s a block. You gotta put it in the microwave to melt it. That just takes too long. You gotta make that play right away, baby, and that’s why I’m like the maple syrup. That’s why she always used to say that, because I’m quick with it. I just drizzle all over the place.”

I think maybe he’s saying that he’s able to make that play because he doesn’t take long to think about it. Or maybe he just had pancakes on the mind. 

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