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Duke's Mayo Bowl Disappointments Continue as Wisconsin Shattered the Trophy

It's all fun and games until someone (or something) gets hurt. 

Wisconsin may be coming home empty-handed despite beating Wake Forest 42-28 in the Duke's Mayo Bowl after the trophy mysteriously shattered in the locker room. 

"I’m not under oath, so I don’t know if I have to speak," head coach Paul Chryst said. "Just wanted everyone to have a piece of that trophy."

Linebacker Jack Sanborn went as far as to say, "no comment," when asked about the incident by reporters. 

However, social media eventually revealed the real culprit. Graham Mertz stepped up and said he was the one who broke the trophy. 

The Wisconsin football account even shared the video of how the trophy shattered while Mertz was dancing via its Instagram story. 

The players attempted to put the trophy back together but with an actual bottle of Duke's Real Mayonnaise.

Duke's Mayo Bowl Trophy

Players like Adam Krumholz and Alexander Smith posted their reactions on social media, college football Twitter shared that they felt the same way when the Badgers did not dump the popular condiment on their coach

In a way, this series of disappointments sums up how this year (and this season) felt for a lot of people.