Bernie Sanders's Inauguration 2021 Meme Is Now a Topps Baseball Card

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Wednesday's Inauguration Day was iconic and historic in many different ways as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in to office, but one of the moments that went viral is now being turned into merchandise.

That's right—you can now purchase your own Bernie Sanders bobblehead and baseball card.

Topps released a limited edition card Thursday featuring the cozy Vermont senator as part of its Topps Now program. It's $9.99 and is available for only seven days as part of Topps’ on-demand card service.

The program, which searches sports and pop culture for limited-edition baseball cards, prints only the number of cards that were ordered. After that, no additional cards are produced again.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame even turned the masked-up, mittened-up Sanders into a bobblehead, which is available for presale for $25.

Photoshoppers have placed the beloved senator into many funny locations, including the sports world. One individual even created a website where you can place Sanders at any address on Google Street Maps.

Happy memeing everyone!