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Stephen A. Smith Picks On Mitch Trubisky With Hilarious Rant: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. Sometimes a certain unremarkable video, rant or take just hits you in a special way that makes you laugh.

That happened to me last night when I saw a clip of Stephen A. Smith mocking Mitch Trubisky.

Trubisky said this week that he was happy to be on the Bills as Josh Allen’s backup because it was nice to be wanted after his years with the Bears.

This set off Smith, who wasted no time bringing the amusement. He started his rant by exaggeratedly saying Mitchell Trubisky’s name. Then he really started to feel himself. After reading Trubisky’s quote, Smith dropped two “reallys” and then said, “What do you mean it’s nice to be wanted? You are wanted. That’s what you said, right? You’re wanted, right? As a backupppp.”

After working himself into a lather about Trubisky’s quote, Smith added some hilarious body movement to his rant while screaming, “THERE AIN’T NO WAY you’re ever gonna see the field in Buffalo unless there’s an injury. “THERE AIN’T NO WAY that’s ever gonna happen.”

Smith then closed out his routine by dropping his voice, speaking low and trying to get serious with some message that I didn’t even understand.

The point is this: Going after Mitch Trubisky is punching down. The guy has had a rough time during his NFL career; he’s had to deal with struggling after being drafted ahead of Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. This was just him giving some innocent quote that nobody should really care about.

But if you aren’t Trubisky or any member of the Trubisky family, it’s impossible not to appreciate the performance art by Stephen A.

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