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’Seinfeld’s’ 10 Most Memorable Sports Moments: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. It seems like every sports story today has to do with vaccinations in some way, shape or form. Bill Belichick is talking vaccinations. The MLB Network has a vaccination issue. Urban Meyer and the Jaguars are wrapped up in a vaccination controversy.

So we need something light today. Enter the show about nothing.

Netflix announced today that Seinfeld would begin streaming on its service Oct. 1. This is a big deal because the show currently streams on Hulu, which has 43 million subscribers. But Netflix has 209 million subscribers.

So in honor of the move, here are the top 10 most memorable sports moments from the show that you can rewatch on Netflix beginning in one month:.

• 10) “Move in. Move in everybody, Get your shrimp here!”

 • 9) “Imagine playing games, and your team is five degrees cooler than the other team.”

• 8) “Are you gonna take the hat off or not?”

• 7) “Hey, buddy. They got a new invention. It’s called the napkin.”

• 6) “You don’t hit home runs like that. It’s hard to hit home runs, and where the heck did you get two from?”

• 5) “You know, support the team.”

• 4) “What is that, a Titleist?”

• 3) “What the hell did you trade Jay Buhner for?”

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• 2) “That is one Magic Loogie.”

• 1) “In six games.”

2. I don’t know anything about the memorabilia world, but are they worth more or less because they were heavily used?

3. Those big blue Ikea bags are pretty versatile, but I can't say I ever expected to see a professional athlete use one.

4. The perfect ending to the Javy Báez–Mets thumbs-down controversy was that after Baez scoring the winning run in New York's 6–5 comeback win over the Marlins on Tuesday, there was a search mission on the field for Báez’s lost earring.

5. Bill Belichick with a vintage Bill Belichick quote today regarding cutting Cam Newton.

6. The latest episode of the SI Media Podcast features two interviews.

First up is Nate Burleson, who has left the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football to cohost CBS This Morning. Burleson discusses what went into his decision to make the career change, why the move wasn't an automatic "yes" and why the job at CBS News appealed to him. The former NFL wide receiver also talks about the reaction to the NFL playoff game he called on Nickelodeon last year, his favorite Good Morning Football memory and the hardest job he's ever had. He also gives us a great Jay-Z impersonation.

Following Burleson, writer, author and reporter James Andrew Miller joins the podcast. Miller shares his insights into ESPN's alternate Monday Night Football telecast with Peyton and Eli Manning, Stephen A. Smith’s reportedly getting Max Kellerman removed from First Take, the Sopranos prequel movie, the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm and much more.

The podcast wraps up with the weekly “Traina Thoughts” segment. This week, Jimmy and Sal Licata from WFAN and SNY discuss whether you can do a sports debate show with someone you don't like, Hard Knocks, SummerSlam, CM Punk’s return to wrestling and more.

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7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: This was one of those videos that just hit me right because I laughed for a solid minute after watching it Tuesday night.

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