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Mel Tucker Contract Jokes Flood Twitter After Lopsided Ohio State Loss

Twitter is not typically a merciful place, and neither was Ohio Stadium on Saturday when the Buckeyes embarrassed the Spartans 56–7. Spartans coach Mel Tucker, who is reportedly going to be offered a record-breaking contract extension, was the punchline to the jokes after an ill-timed loss. 

No. 4 Ohio State obliterated No. 7 Michigan State just three days after it was reported that MSU was planning to offer Tucker the 10-year deal worth $95 million. The timing of a massive Big Ten game couldn't have been better — if you're a Twitter trol. 

Instead of Tucker trading chess moves with Ryan Day and proving his worth of the groundbreaking deal, Michigan State fans were left wondering if they want another decade of this.

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Twitter enjoyed poking fun at Tucker specifically for trying to sign his new deal as soon as possible and strangely enough, DocuSign was mentioned more than once. Some of the best Tweets on Tucker's loss and his looming contract situation: 

The halftime score was 49–0 but at least the Spartans were able to score in the second half. 

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