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Patrick Mahomes’s Fiancé Says She Wishes She Wouldn't Get ‘Attacked Every Week’

Brittany Matthews, Patrick Mahomes’s fiancé, made headlines this week as she uncorked a bottle of champagne at Arrowhead Stadium, spraying it on the fans below her following the Chiefs’ overtime win over the Bills

However, her celebration was met with harsh criticism, similar to how it has been throughout the 2021 season as she and Jackson Mahomes, the quarterback’s brother, have become notable targets on social media. 

“I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week,” Matthews tweeted on Monday night. 

Matthews amplified those who offered support, replying to the messages as well. 

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One account tweeted in response to another Twitter user, “Right? Like who do y’all think @PatrickMahomes goes home to after playing in these games y’all love so much? Who is taking care of/encouraging him? Supporting and lifting him up? It’s @brittanylynne8 Behind every successful man is a STRONG woman. Let’s not forget that.”

Matthews also retweeted the following from a reporter: “So many people are clowns. Brittany is engaged to Mahomes and the mother of his child. They’ve been together since they were teenagers. She’s not allowed to be happy when the Chiefs win an unbelievable game? I highly doubt a single KC fan who got some champagne was complaining.”

Thanks to a walk-off touchdown from Mahomes to tight end Travis Kelce, Kansas City is headed to the AFC championship game, slated to face Joe Burrow and the Bengals at 3 p.m. ET on Sunday.

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