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MLB Fans Unhappy with Potential Ban of Defensive Shift

As MLB and the MLBPA continues with negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement, it appears that MLB has proposed to ban defensive shifts.

John Heyman of MLB Network and Audacy Sports was first to report the news of some items that have been included in the latest round of negotiations. As it pertains to the shift, let’s just say fans have been less than pleased. 

Out of the handful of items that Heyman listed, including rejecting robotic umpires, making bases larger and implementing a pitch clock, the item that received the most criticism was the ban on defensive shifts. 

Below are some of the best replies to Heyman’s tweet.

As for if and when a new CBA will be agreed to, it sounds like baseball fans are still in for a long wait. Heyman reported that both sides believe they’ve made significant concessions while believing the other side hasn’t done enough.

With the first couple sets of games already canceled this spring, it sounds like more could be coming if an agreement isn’t reached soon.

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