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The Rams are the reining Super Bowl champions, and they arguably just came out with the most epic social media move in NFL history before Thursday’s draft. Leaning into their Hollywood skill set, the team released a high-budget movie trailer starring veteran actors along with its star players. 

The trailer for the film On the Clock: The House Always Wins stars Dennis Quaid as Rams owner Stanley Kroenke—with a wig and fake mustache to solidify the look—as he assembles a team for a heist job in Las Vegas. 

The trailer gives a major nod to Ocean’s Eleven, the film that starred George Clooney and Brad Pitt as they assemble their old crew for a job robbing Las Vegas casino. In this trailer, however, the target is the three-day draft. And the Rams’s objective is to steal it. 

Star defensive tackle Aaron Donald is behind the team’s complex data analytics while wide receiver Van Jefferson gathers intel in, yes, a van. Quarterback Matthew Stafford is calling the shots on the ground and  Cooper Kupp can be seen bolting from security with a briefcase in hand. Tyrese Gibson, one of the stars from the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, also stars in the video. 

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That’s just a couple of the stars who appeared in the Hollywood trailer, and it’s fair to say this is the most excited a team has ever looked to have the No. 64 pick in the draft. The Rams won’t have their first pick until the very end of the second round, but it’s clear they hope to come up with an absolute steal. 

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