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Alex Rodriguez Reveals Five Things He’d Change About Major League Baseball

Have you ever stopped and wondered what Major League Baseball would be like if Alex Rodriguez was commissioner?

If so, the MLB legend has you covered. During ESPN’s KayRod Cast of the Phillies–Mets game on Sunday Night Baseball, Rodriguez revealed five changes he would implement in a segment called “If A-Rod Was Commissioner for A Day.”

Rodriguez’s list began with his idea of altering the strike zone in an effort to provide more entertainment for fans.

“We want more contact. In order to induce more contact, we need to lower the ball,” Rodriguez told co-host Michael Kay. “So, make the strike zone more wide and less tall. … when you look at this plate, it’s 17 inches, let’s make it 21 inches. But let’s make that ball go lower.”

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A-Rod also discussed the implementation of an all-access experience involving placing cameras inside all 60 batting cages across the 30 teams. The 14-time All-Star compared the idea to seeing Tiger Woods on the driving range at Augusta or a prime Michael Jordan during shootarounds. Rodriguez feels it would add to the game’s entertainment value by giving fans behind-the-scenes access to watch their favorite sluggers practice.

The rest of Rodriguez’s list included discussions about illegal defense where one foot would have to be placed on the dirt, allowing a maximum of 10 pitchers on a roster while limiting the number of call-ups and adding more entertainment during televised games. A-Rod noted the idea would be similar to NFL halftime shows or performances during breaks at NBA games.

If current MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is ever in need of new, innovative ideas, perhaps he should consider setting up a meeting with the renowned businessman. However, if Rodriguez’s ideas start attracting buzz on social media, Manfred may want to look out for a possible “A-Rod for Commissioner” campaign in the near future.

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