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Chargers Win NFL Schedule Day With Hilarious Anime Announcement Video

The NFL’s schedule release day has evolved into an opportunity for social media managers to show off their creativity in recent years. Every spring, organizations let their social media teams come up with fun ways to reveal their schedule.

This year, one of the fan favorites for most creative schedule reveal belongs to the Chargers. Los Angeles created an anime-inspired video, which depicts every opponent in succession.

The Chargers’ full schedule features Amazon’s first ever Thursday Night Football game vs. Kansas City and two Monday night games vs. Indianapolis and Denver. They will also play the Rams on New Years day on Sunday Night Football.

While Los Angeles’s video had the strongest reaction among viewers, a few other teams also successfully revealed their schedule in a creative way. The Panthers used a nostalgia theme for their video, while the Giants enlisted Eli Manning’s help for their unveiling.

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However, Los Angeles’s tweet won the night, receiving over 10,000 retweets in just two hours.

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