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Watch: Ciara Explains What It’s Like To Be Married to Russell Wilson

Renowned recording artist Ciara is making her inaugural appearance as an SI Swim Issue cover model in the 2022 edition that was released Monday.

The 36-year-old is married to Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. Ciara discussed what it’s like to be married to the NFL star in an exclusive interview with SI.

“I met my Boo back in 2015. I’ll never forget the day that he and I met … It’s like, when you know, you know. What I love is my husband’s heart and how he thinks of us. He’s always thinking of us. He loves serving at heart. That’s just who he is in general. He will go from football practice to taking Future to baseball practice or taking Sienna to ballet. He doesn’t want to miss a moment,” she said.

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“He and I share the same vision for our babies, which I think makes the world of a difference, that we’re on the same page. It’s important that our kids—you know, they have way more access than we had growing up—so we want to make sure we keep them humble in the process to make sure they do things like having to pick up after themselves and knowing that life isn’t going to be handed to you.”

Ciara also discussed the business and philanthropic initiatives she shares with Wilson in an effort to give back to the community.

“Education is important to us, [fighting] poverty is important to us. You just want to keep finding ways to give back. And so that’s what I feel like I’m ultimately doing. Everything that I do for is to make an impact. We have our Why Not You Academy, which is a charter school. And we always say to the kids that you decided to be here today. You woke up and decided to because they don’t have to pay for school, but they decide they want to be there and they want to make a difference in their lives. And to know that we’re a part of that is so powerful and so important, and which is another example of what drives us to keep that standard going.”

Check out Ciara’s inaugural appearance, and the 2022 SI Swim Issue in its entirety here.