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Travis Kelce Says He Had to Quiet Down Patrick Mahomes During Playoff Game vs. Bills

The Chiefs had one of the most iconic finishes in NFL playoff history this past January when they beat the Bills in overtime via a walk-off touchdown. But before that, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce caught a huge 25-yard pass with less than ten seconds to go in regulation to set up the game-tying field goal. On Thursday, Kelce shared that quarterback Patrick Mahomes almost blew it. 

The day after the game, both Kelce and Mahomes told reporters that the play that got them into field goal range was unscripted. Kelce was trying to quietly tell Mahomes what he was going to do on the fly, but Mahomes was anything but quiet. 

“I remember the Bills called a timeout, I’m looking at Pat and I’m just trying to be discreet as possible to tell him, ‘Hey, if they play it like that, I’m wide open,’” Kelce said. “We get up to the line of scrimmage and Pat is yelling at me do it. I’m just sitting there looking at him like, ‘Ssshhh be quiet, you are telling the whole stadium right now that you’re throwing me the ball.’”

Kelce had a good laugh about it now, but if the Bills had picked up on Mahomes’s yells, he probably wouldn’t be telling this story with a laugh.

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