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The Miami Grand Prix earlier this month brought all of the stars to Miami Gardens to witness one of the premier events on the Formula One circuit.

Some of the premier names in sports, from Tom Brady to Michael Jordan, flocked Miami for one of the fun-filled events of the spring.

Celebrities outside of the sports world attended the must-see event as well, including James Corden, host of The Late Late Show on CBS. The late night comedian shot a video for his show with McLaren, but one clip in particular with driver Lando Norris ahead of the race went viral on Friday.

Corden and Norris walked the track together and chatted before hilarity ensued. 

Corden laid down on the track and said “Let’s really feel it. Let’s get down and really feel it. Put yourself in the level of the car.”

The late night comedian then told the racer to talk to the track.

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Norris responded with, “I’m Lando. I’m warm, but I’m getting on top of you later,” to which Corden told Norris, “Make it more of a friendship. You got to trust the track and let the track trust you. You are gonna lie down and tell the track a secret. Tell a secret that no one knows.”

After pausing for a moment, Norris, lying on the track, replied with, “I failed my first two drivers’ tests. I told my mom and dad that I passed the first time.”

Corden, without skipping a beat, said “I killed a clown in a kids’ party in 1996.”

The hysterical scene that was captured by The Late Late Show official Twitter account had social media abuzz for much of Friday afternoon.

Unfortunately for Norris, the weekend wasn’t entirely filled with smiles and laughs. He did not finish the race after an accident with Pierre Gasly of AlphaTauri, ending a promising weekend for the 22-year-old U.K. native.

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