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Scott Van Pelt Talks About Awkward Draymond Green Interview About New Media vs. Media During NBA Finals

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1. After Game 5 of the NBA Finals a couple of weeks ago, Warriors forward Draymond Green joined SportsCenter host Scott Van Pelt for an interview.

During the conversation, Van Pelt asked Green how he deals with criticism and all the “noise” surrounding him. As part of his response, Green, of course, blamed the media. Van Pelt tried to interject that the good news is that Green, who has his own podcast, is now part of the media.

Green quickly corrected Van Pelt and said he’s part of the “new media.”

Van Pelt tried to move on and changed subjects in his next question, but Green brought it back to his new-media-vs.-old-media schtick.

“And by the way,” said Green, “go watch The Draymond Green Show. I said Stephen A. sometimes acts like the new media. Sometimes he doesn’t. That’s on you, but nonetheless, don’t just lump me in with media, baby. It’s the new media.”

Van Pelt appeared on this week’s SI Media Podcast, and I asked him about the awkward exchange with Green and this new-media-vs.-media narrative that Green is trying to sell.

“I didn’t get that,” Van Pelt said of Green’s resistance in being associated with the word “media.”

“He’s the one that said it. Isn’t he the one who said he’s new media? I was just trying to give him credit in saying, ‘Look, you now have control of your narrative and you can go do your podcast now.’”

I asked Van Pelt to take us through what was going through his mind during the exchange with Green.

“It was something about how Stephen A. is new media, too. That was the comment that I think was said. And all I was trying to say as he and I were having this conversation about the noise and the chatter, is that now, you have autonomy, you’re in charge of your message to go do your thing. Something came up about Stephen A., and I said, ‘Well he’s new media too, right?’

I guess what Draymond actually said was sometimes he’s new media. I don’t give a shit who’s what. Because here’s the thing, Jimmy. Years and years and years and years ago when Deadspin, the first one with Will Leitch, came out, I realized, it seemed very obvious to me, we’re all in the pool together here. And I think people in the more traditional lanes initially, it was the tired joke about people in their parents’ basement. Well, no, actually this is a voice that has an audience and it carries weight. Now they do whatever they want and you can argue about whether or not they should be doing things they do and where are the lines. There kinda aren’t any. It seemed clear to me, there’s no us and them. It’s just us.

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And I think now as it relates to media, there’s no new and old because people that are in the old media are doing the new media and people that are in new media are cutting through in ways that people in old media didn’t think they ever would many years ago. I guess all I’m saying is whatever Stephen A. is, he exists in both lanes and Draymond, clearly his content cuts through on his podcast or with me.

I wasn’t hurt by it. I didn’t take it like he was mad at me. I was just correcting the semantics. It didn’t trouble me. Whatever. However Draymond frames what Stephen A. Smith is or what any of us are, it doesn’t feel important. I think it’s important he has that place where he wants to do his thing. And I think people are interested in hearing from the guy that was just out there not long after saying what he has to say.”

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You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify and Google.

2. Derek Jeter, who now seems to be Mr. Media, appears on Thursday night’s episode of Showtime’s Desus & Mero. Here's a sneak peek in which Jeter says his career would’ve lasted three years had social media been around when he was active.

3. My heart must be black because when I watched the video, which is supposed to be a wholesome, feel-good, moment, all I could think about is how ridiculous the announcer sounded. Like, it's a nice moment and all, but the announcer calls it, "incredible," "so amazing," "so cute," "amazing," "tremendous" and "absolutely tremendous." Get a grip.

4. On NBA draft day, the power of the Woj bomb on gambling markets has been felt.

5. One part of Chris Russo’s appearance with Howard Stern on Wednesday that I did not include in yesterday’s Traina Thoughts was Howard asking Russo about his desire to get into the Radio Hall of Fame. It’s completely nonsensical that Russo isn't in already, but hopefully it happens for him this year.

6. If you've ever wanted to know what happens when a baseball player has to go to the bathroom during a game (and not No. 1), you can watch this clip of Mets first baseman Pete Alonso explain it all in great detail. If you get grossed out by bathroom habits, do not watch this video.

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: If you read Traina Thoughts regularly, you know that I’m a huge fan of the MenWithPot TikTok account and featured it Tuesday. Another account that you must follow if you're a food person is CafeHailee. Just sit back, relax and enjoy her latest work.

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