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Drew Lock Responds to U.S. Open’s Viral Tweet About Him

Drew Lock hasn’t taken his first snap as a Seahawk yet, but he’s already become the target of online scorn.

Lock was unwittingly the object of online scorn over the weekend, when a random Twitter user took a dig at the U.S. Open, mocking tennis as “not a sport.” The tournament’s official Twitter account didn’t hold back in its response, noting that the person who hurled the insult was a Seahawks fan.

When the original poster decided to fire back with another insult, the U.S. Open doubled down on its Lock slander by posting an image of Phil Simms’ 2022 rankings of the league’s top 40 quarterbacks, which has Lock at No. 40.

On Monday, two days after being dragged into an online beef he had nothing to do with, Lock finally made a public response by taking the high road and wishing everybody—especially the U.S. Open “intern”—a happy Fourth of July.

As strange as it was to see the U.S. Open’s Twitter account take multiple pot shots at an innocent bystander, at least Lock seems to have a sense of humor. It’s safe to assume that whoever is operating the tournament’s account, they are definitely not a Seahawks fan.

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