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When drafting your fantasy baseball team, it's nice to know every possible scenario for players this season. We break down exactly that. 

By Michael Beller
March 16, 2015

Whenever we talk about players and their projections, there’s a reason we say that you should pencil them in rather than etching them in stone. Every player, from Mike Trout all the way on down to Pete Kozma, has a range of possible outcomes. There will be players who surprise and fall outside that range, both on the good side and the bad, but for the most part, players end up landing somewhere within their parameters.

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As such, you should not think about exact numbers when building a fantasy team. Instead, you should consider each player’s range and the likelihood he ends up closer to the top of it or the bottom. Below, we present the best- and worst-case scenarios for the top 30 players in our Top 250 (and here's a printable version of our Top 250). 

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