Aaron Rodgers' ADP in Fantasy Football is too Good to Pass up

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For years, Fantasy Football players viewed Aaron Rodgers as the first quarterback worthy of coming off draft boards. But that's changed recently thanks to incredible seasons by Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and DeShaun Watson.

According to the latest ADP data, Rodgers is being taken as the tenth quarterback and value that Sports Illustrated's Jaime Eisner says is too good to pass up. Eisner joined PackerCentral's Bill Huber who discussed Rodgers' value in 2020 Fantasy Football Leagues.

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Bill Enright: When it comes to quarterbacks in today's NFL, everyone knows that Aaron Rodgers is simply one of the best in the league but is he one of the best for fantasy football? That's what we're asking Jaime Eisner and Bill Huber, who covers the Packers, in our fantasy draft-or-pass. Jaime, I'll start with you. Packers' quarterback, are you drafting, or are you passing?

Aaron Rodgers

Jaime Eisner: I'm drafting him! Right now, he's the QB 11 off the board in ADP, which is kind of crazy to think about. I know last year wasn't the best season for fantasy purposes. He finished as the QB 11 in total points, but was only the QB 15 on points per game with players like Matthew Stafford, Drew Brees, Ryan Tannehill and even Daniel Jones outscoring him on a per-game basis. So I understand they're a little bit of concern with all those players, not only being back but starting week 1, along with a guy like Ben Roethlisberger and the addition of Joe Burrow into the league, there will be a little bit of concern. Let's be realistic here. This is still Aaron Rodgers. He's finished as a top 10 QB on a per-game basis literally every year since 2013. Expect greatness from him. And to me, the biggest thing this says is 'wait on quarterbacks.' If you can get a guy like Aaron Rodgers as this may be the second to last player in your league and take a quarterback, there's no need to pay a premium at the position early.

Bill Enright: Bill, let me transition over to you, I know a lot of controversy has been made with the selection of Jordan Love in the first round of the NFL draft. But let's just focus on 2020. Aaron Rodgers, he still has it, right?

Bill Huber: He still has it. The question is, does he have enough weapons? Of course, that was the whole writer's controversy during the draft, where were the weapons when they drafted a quarterback in the first round, a running back in a second and a tight end third?

jordan love

 I think what gives you hope as a Packers fan... Let's go back to a few years ago in Atlanta, where Matt Lafleur is Matt Ryan's quarterback coach, the second year together, Matt Ryan won MVP. The Falcons went to a Super Bowl. I think the hope here is that year two of Matt Lafleur, just year two of a better feel all around in that system is going to help him out. He's gonna have a great running game to support him.

Bill Enright: All right. Jamie and Bill, thank you for your analysis on Aaron Rodgers, we're doing these draft or past series. You can find more of them from Sports Illustrated by going to Si.com/fantasty.