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Report: 'The Match' Between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson to Return in 2019, Possibly 2020

The winner-take-all pay-per-view match between the two rivals reportedly drew nearly one million customers. 

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will be reviving their made-for-TV match in 2019 and likely again in 2020, Golf Digest reported on Wednesday. 

The first event took place on Nov. 23, 2018. Mickelson walked away with the $9 million from the winner-take-all pot after defeating Woods on the 22nd hole in the dark on a makeshift par-3. The Las Vegas pay-per-view showdown reportedly drew nearly one million customers.

Despite the technical difficulties with the match's live stream, Turner will bring the match back. Golf Digest reported that Turner had signed a three-year deal with the joint Woods and Mickelson business entity which would bring the match back for 2019 and "probably" again in 2020.

The revival could be played in a different format. Sources told Golf Digest that the "conventional thought" is that Mickelson and Woods would play as a pair against two challengers. The two rivals remaining on opposite sides is still also an option. Woods and Mickelson would each choose their own teammate in the latter format. 

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While the specifics remain unclear, as does the prize, all indications are that the match will return.