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Phil Mickelson Has a Hilarious Explanation for His Two Drivers at Memorial

Hint: It has to do with Bubba Watson.

Phil Mickelson hasn't been on Twitter long, but Lefty may have just proven why he's the king of golf social media on Thursday.

In a video posted to his account, Mickelson hilariously announced that he plans to employ the use of not one, but two drivers ahead of the Memorial Tournament this week. Speaking softly into the camera and from the comfort of his own couch, Mickelson explained his decision by poking fun at "rival" Bubba Watson in the process.

"Well, I saw a post of Bubba Watson hitting bombs without a shirt on and he had bear chest hair," Mickelson said. "Not b-a-r-e chest hair. I mean grizzly b-e-a-r chest hair. And I thought if I have to have that to hit bombs, I don't want to hit bombs. So I have a shorter driver, which I can [use to] hit cute little cuts into the fairway.

"But then I realized that when I was not hitting bombs, my confidence was low, my self-esteem was low," Mickelson continued. "Oftentimes, I wouldn't want to get out of bed. And so when I started hitting bombs, my confidence shot back up. My testosterone was back, my overall attractiveness increased."

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Mickelson has never won the U.S. Open, his last leg needed to complete the career grand slam, and has finished second six times. Mickelson previously put two drivers into play en route to victory at the 2006 Masters.

With any luck, he'll be able to use that second driver to hit “cute little cuts in the fairway," keep his testosterone at a maximum level by hitting "bombs" and pull off a win again this week.