Watch: Chubbs, a 15-Foot Alligator, Returns to Florida Golf Course

The 15-foot alligator was first spotted on the course in 2016.
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Chubbs is at it again.

After making his first appearance in 2016, this 15-foot alligator has apparently become a regular at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida. The gator, nicknamed "Chubbs" by locals, returned to the course on Saturday for a casual stroll through the fairway before laying down on the grass and bathing in some sun. His name is a reference to Chubbs Peterson, a golfer in the movie Happy Gilmore who lost a hand in a gator attack.

Bradenton resident Sage Stryczny posted a video of Chubbs prowling along.

The alligator first went viral when he was spotted on the same golf course two years ago. A man named Charlie Helms took the video, which helped capture Chubbs's size relative to another man in the shot. If estimations of his size are correct, Chubbs would be Florida's largest alligator to date. The state's biggest alligator on record is 14 feet long and 780 pounds. 

It's a good thing course officials said Chubbs isn't a nuisance. If his record of appearances is any indication, this avid golf fan might stick around for a while.