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Judge dropped a federal lawsuit filed against the Chicago Cubs by Wrigleyville rooftop owners

By SI Wire
October 01, 2015

U.S. District Judge Virginia M. Kendall dismissed on Wednesday a federal lawsuit filed against the Chicago Cubs by Wrigleyville rooftop owners.

Right Field Rooftops LLC, which argued that the new video board blocked views from the rooftops​, argued the Cubs broke their contract after putting the video board above the rightfield bleachers. The contract between Rooftops and the Cubs states that Rooftops provides the organization with 17% of their profits in exchange for the Cubs to not block the view of the field. 

The company had also sued the Cubs for monopolization and defamation. 

The judge found that the video board did not violate the terms of the agreement between the rooftop owners and Cubs. 

“Judge Kendall's opinion confirms the bleacher expansion does not violate our rooftop agreements, as we have maintained from the outset,” Crane Kenney, the Cubs' president of business operations, said in a statement to the Chicago Sun-Times. “We also appreciate that with this chapter closed, everyone's focus can continue to be on the field, where it belongs.”

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Kendall also decided six months ago to refuse the rooftop owners' request to stop the Cubs from building outfield signs. 

Wrigley Field is currently undergoing a $375 million renovation, which is being completed in phases during the next four to five seasons.

- Beth Maiman

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