On Wednesday, Chicago approved a ban on chewing smokeless tobacco at sporting events, upsetting some of the members of the Cubs organization.

By SI Wire
March 17, 2016

On Wednesday, Chicago approved a ban on chewing smokeless tobacco at sporting events, upsetting some members of the Cubs organization, reports Jesse Rogers of ESPN.

“We’re grown men. People in the stands can have a beer, but we can’t do what we want? That’s a little messed up,” pitcher John Lackey said in response to the ban.

Manager Joe Maddon voiced a similar opinion on the issue.

“I’m into personal freedoms. I don’t understand the point with all that,” Maddon said. “Just eradicate tobacco period if you’re going to go that route. I’m not into over-legislating the human race, so for me I’ll just have to listen and learn.”

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Bans also exist in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston, making Chicago the fourth city to do away with smokeless tobacco at sporting events. 

If smokeless tobacco is used at a sports venue in Chicago, a first offense will result in at least a $250 fine. A second violation will result in a $500 fine, and each subsequent violation that occurs within one year of the first offense will cost at least $2,500.

The Chicago ban will officially become law 90 days after it was approved.

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