Umpires in Boston not sure of count, forced to call replay review center

Umpires in Boston seemed to forget the count during Wednesday’s Yankees–Red Sox game.
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Umpires in Boston weren’t sure of the count on Red Sox hitter Andrew Benintendi during the seventh inning of their game against the New York Yankees on Wednesday.

As Benintendi hit with two outs, players on the field were under the impression that the count was 3–2. This meant that Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira was playing back, and Jackie Bradley Jr. was running on every pitch, as is customary in that scenario.

There was confusion, because the count was actually 2–2, but home plate umpire Brian Knight was not able to confirm that. So, he called a meeting, and the other three umpires decided to go to a replay review in New York.

For something so minor in the game to confirm, the replay took over a minute. The count was eventually confirmed to be 2–2, and play resumed.

It’s not every day you see a count under review.

– Kenny Ducey