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Yankees general manager Brian Cashman thought there was no chance A-Rod would take a job as an instructor. He starts Saturday.

By SI Wire
August 12, 2016

Many had doubts that Alex Rodriguez would remain in the Yankees organization after his playing days were over, especially as a coach. Count general manager Brian Cashman among those people.

In an interview with ESPN’s Andrew Marchand and Wally Matthews, Cashman said when his assistant pitched the idea of Rodriguez coaching and advising with the Yankees, he found the idea laughable.

“I thought it was f------ crazy,” Cashman said. “He ain’t taking no coaching job.”

• Joe Girardi turns down Rodriguez's request to play third base on Friday

Rodriguez, it was revealed on Sunday, brokered a deal directly with owner Hal Steibrenner to remain with the team and help its young players. The team announced that the slugger would play his final major league game on Friday and move into his new role of special adviser and instructor.

Rodriguez’s final game begins at 7:35 p.m. ET in New York. He will DH against the Tampa Bay Rays.

– Kenny Ducey 

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