Chase Headley: Aaron Judge could hit a 550-foot home run

Under perfect conditions, Aaron Judge could hit a home run farther than 500 feet.
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New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge turned 25 years old on Wednesday and has seven home runs on the season.

His longest home run on the season is a 460-foot home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday.

Under perfect conditions and without any obstacles, teammate Chase Headley tells Andrew Marchand of ESPN Judge could go even farther.

“We are all just waiting for that time where everything just syncs up and he gets every bit of it,” Headley said. “I want to see him do that. He is just a humongous human being that has out-of-this-world power. Five hundred fifty feet is not out of the question. If there is nothing in the way, he is hitting it 550.”

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Headley hit a 453-foot home run for the Yankees in July 2016.