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The 30: The Dodgers, Rockies and Diamondbacks are the National League's finest

Looking for some of the best baseball in the entire league? Turn your attention to the National League West, where the three of the best teams in the league reside.

At a certain point in the season, we need to start treating Cinderella teams as more than harmless little surprises. We’re nearing the midpoint of the season, and the underdog Brewers and Rockies remain in first place, with the upstart Diamondbacks in hot pursuit.

Is it time to label these three teams as true contenders? We answer that question, and many more, in the NL edition of The 30. Enjoy.

Note: Rankings are based on a combination of records, run differential, strength of schedule, recent performance, team health, and overall talent. “Last Time” reflects the rankings from the most recent edition of The 30, two weeks ago. We’ll be running The 30 every two weeks all season long, alternating between profiles of all American League teams, and all National League teams.