Washington Nationals

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Washington's bullpen finally got its desperately needed upgrade, with Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson being brought in from Oakland. Considering what a death trap that 'pen has been this season, though, the smart money is on GM Mike Rizzo to pick up another arm or two. Doolittle and Madson both have significant injury histories, and trusting the team's season to Matt Albers just doesn’t sit right, even if his recent numbers have been solid.

The biggest lift the Nationals could get, though, would be to get a healthy position player or two back in the lineup. In the next month Jayson Werth and Michael Taylor could be back in the outfield and Trea Turner could return to reclaim the shortstop role, which would be plenty good enough for a team that already has a virtually insurmountable lead in an otherwise lousy NL East. But with Adam Eaton out for the season, so many health variables in play and the clock ticking on the Bryce Harper-in-D.C. World Series window, a deal for immediate help wouldn’t be the worst idea.