Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
August 14, 2017

We can’t just mention Joey Gallo’s gonzo season in passing, as part of a capsule on another team. Let’s take a moment to appreciate exactly what he’s doing.

He’s whacked nearly 59% of his balls in play as flyballs, the highest mark for any hitter in the majors.

He has 67 hits all season. Very nearly half of those (32) have been home runs.

The “three true outcomes” in baseball (i.e. the ones only affected by hitter-pitcher matchups that have nothing to do with defense) are home runs, strikeouts, and walks. Fifty-nine percent of Gallo’s plate appearances this season have ended in a home run, strikeout, or walk. Gallo thus leads the majors in both strikeout rate and three-true-outcomes rate.

Despite his 32 homers (the third-highest total in the American League), Gallo has driven in just 61 runs—the most skewed rate of homers-to-RBI in the majors for anyone with anywhere near that many roundtrippers.

Joey Gallo is Rob Deer, just much younger, and in much better shape. We are all witnesses.

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