Rhys Hoskins has hit so many home runs that even his own teammates are impressed.

By Jon Tayler
September 15, 2017

Rhys Hoskins, who apparently spent the majority of the season while in the minors watching video of Aaron Judge and scoffing, is a Colossus striding the earth right now. On Wednesday night, the Phillies' rookie first baseman bashed his 18th homer of the year—all of which have come in a mere 34 games since he was called up in August. And his shot off the Marlins' Vance Worley—part of a seven-run inning for Philadelphia—was an opposite-field shot so impressive that his own teammates were giving him the celebrity treatment.

That's fellow rookie Cam Perkins jokingly bugging Hoskins for his John Hancock. And hey, why not: The dude's already third on the team in home runs despite having been there for only a month. The man's practically royalty in Philadelphia—so much so that he's already getting his own t-shirt giveaway playing off his unique first name. As Perkins explained to the press after the game: "Getting a front-row seat to watch history, heck yeah, I want his autograph."

And while the rest of the team didn't rush Hoskins with pen and ball, they were apparently plenty impressed too with how easy he's making things look.

Rhys Hoskins: The hero that Philadelphia needs, and the one it deserves.

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