Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images
November 20, 2017

It was bound to happen. Build a team around aging stars, throw ungodly sums of cash at big-name players in a frantic effort to win it all before the team’s determined and elderly owner runs out of time, and eventually your team will go from star-studded excitement to a retirement community full of despair.

The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging that it exists. Tigers General Manager Al Avila traded his most marketable commodity to Houston two minutes before the August 31 waiver deadline, landing some intriguing young talent in return even as Justin Verlander found his vintage form and led the Astros to glory. Expect Ian Kinsler to be next up on the block, with Miguel Cabrera untradable unless he discovers the fountain of youth and the Tigers pick up a huge chunk of his onerous contract.

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