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Tim Lincecum Is Jacked Now and Apparently Wants To Make a Comeback

The two-time Cy Young winner has gone from stick to thick in his quest to return to his former glory.

When we last left string-bean slinger Tim Lincecum, the slight righty had been getting his brains beat in as a member of the Angels, allowing 39 runs, 23 walks and 11 home runs in just 38 1/3 innings before getting booted from Los Angeles' rotation in early August. That kind of performance coupled with Lincecum's declining velocity and health would seem to suggest that, at 33, the two-time Cy Young winner formerly known as The Freak had fallen out of the game for good.

Well, guess what, boys and girls: Lincecum is back, and he's yoked as all hell now, too.

That photo is courtesy former Rockies reliever Adam Ottavino, who is training this offseason at Driveline Baseball. And according to Driveline's Kyle Boddy, Lincecum has plans to try to get back into baseball.

Tim Lincecum out here flinging fastballs with his "rubber band being pulled taut and then exploding" motion is exciting enough, but I'm more interested in him going from stick to thick. Reminder: Here's what Lincecum used to look like.


Compare that scrawny dude to the swole monster in Ottavino's photo. Guess Big Time Timmy Jim is serious about this whole thing, huh?

More on Lincecum's comeback and massive pythons as events develop.