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Yankees Outfielder Clint Frazier Makes Sure His Hair Is A Non-Issue

Joe Girardi is gone, but Clint Frazier’s hair isn’t coming back. 

Since the Yankees are the only team in baseball with an archaic rule about facial hair and players having long hair, young outfielder Clint Frazier had to shed his long, luscious red locks last season.

Then-manager Joe Girardi admitted at the time that he asked Frazier to cut his hair because it had become a "distraction." Apparently, Girardi somehow became annoyed that the media would ask him about the length of Frazier's mane. You'd think questions about hair instead of players would make a manager's press conference easy to handle, but for some reason, Girardi just couldn't tolerate questions about Frazier's hair.

Frazier, who is fighting for a starting job this exhibition season, is going to great lengths to make sure his hair is a complete non-issue this year. According to the YES Network's Jack Curry, Frazier got a haircut every single week during the offseason.

Indeed, the man Yankees fans call "Red Thunder" barely has anything up top anymore.

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Pretty drastic for a guy who had these before-and-after 'dos last season.


The Yankees could've had some nice marketing opportunities with Frazier's long, fiery flow, which fans loved, but (dumb) rules are (dumb) rules.