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Ranking The Best Team Names From MiLB's Copa de la Diversión

Ranking the best team names from MiLB's Copa de la Diversión.

Minor League Baseball has announced plans for the "Copa de la Diversión,", which translates to the "Fun Cup", in an effort to honor and embrace U.S. Hispanic and Latino culture in the communities for 33 teams. 

Teams will be donning special uniforms and caps on game day as well as adding some culinary flair to concessions. Who isn't down for some gameday tostadas?

​The 165-game celebration begins on April 8 in Round Rock, Texas with the Memphis Musica taking on the Round Rock Chupacabras.

​We took it upon ourselves to rank each team's respective new name and judged them based on originality. We gave preference to some of the more creative names as opposed to just simple translations. This piece will be updated as more of the names are revealed.

30. Kane County Cougars

No name change from the team’s day-to-day name.

29. Abejas de Salt Lake

A simple translation from the Salt Lake Bees. The team noted that it had 19 players from Spanish-speaking countries last year.

28. Petroleros de Tulsa

Way too close to "peloteros" which would've translated to “Ballplayers of Tulsa.” We made the mistake initially. From Drillers to Petroleros, it's not too different of a change.

27. Charlotte Caballeros

Ok, I get the simplicity of the name, and connecting it to Knights but honestly you coulda done so much more here. La Fuerza Charlotte or Charlotte Armadura….I mean, we’re just spit-balling here.

26. Lake Elsinore Storm​

Really, Lake Elsinore? You’re from California, CALIFORNIA..and you couldn’t come up with a name? Come on, son.

25.Hillsboro Lúpulos

OK, so the botanical connotation might not please everyone but they get a grade for effort but again, this is a straight up translation from the Hops.

24. Toros de Durham

We think this name will be underrated because it’s short, but it rolls so well off the tongue. The Bulls mainly became famous after Kevin Costner’s Bull Durham, but it’s now a new era, baby. QUE VENGAN LOS TOROS.

23. Rápidos de Kannapolis

Kannapolis looks to honor the growing rate of Latinos in its community, which is why they named the team “The fast ones.” As of the 2000, census there was about a 6.33% makeup of Latinos and Hispanics in the community and an estimate that we stumbled upon for 2017 and 2018 puts them at 12% so that’s growth for sure.

22. Monarcas de Eugene

The Eugene Monarchs give a more powerful name than the Emeralds for this town in Oregon, and we appreciate the fact it wasn’t totally translated from the English version. Still, nothing too controversial here.

21. Visalia Toros

See, here is where we think Visalia could have tried a little harder. In english, they’re the rawhide but maybe something like “Visalia hecho de Cuero” (made from leather) would have been way cooler. Way more Chivo.

20. Winston-Salem Rayados

The team here is taking a page from C.F. Monterrey and going by “the striped ones.” The jerseys for this team will include stripes so it’s on-brand.

19. Cielo Azul de Oklahoma City

We’re big fans of this one….There’s an element of poetry in this one (OKC Blue Sky), which ironically is the exact opposite of the kind of weather you need for thunder….but still, nice job.

18. Omaha Cazadores de Tormentas

We can’t even begin to tell you how much we love this name. I mean, sure. It’s literally the Spanish translation of storm chasers but it sounds SO MUCH BETTER IN SPANISH. The 2010 Census has Omaha as 13.1% of the Latino/Hispanic population but I bet you, with this name, those digits are gonna grow….

17. Pawtucket Osos Polares

Did they just name a team after polar bears? Hell yeah they did. Nothing scarier, and if it’s a Latino polar bear, forget it, it’s over.

16. Leigh Valley Tocino

Bring home the bacon, Leigh Valley. I rate this name mainly because the Iron Pigs literally just have Tocino stapled on their uniform. How could you not love a team that literally celebrates the amazingness of bacon?

15. Chivos de Hartford

The Yard Goats should seriously consider permanently renaming themselves to Chivos, partly because chivos (goats) is also Salvadoran slang for cool. I mean, come on. This is a no brainer.

14. Cangrejos Fantasmas de Chesapeake (Bowie)

Bowie is known for its seafood but we did not expect the good people of this Maryland town would dedicate its crab abundance with this ridiculously good name. Admit it, Cangrejos fantasmas (ghost crabs) sounds so much better in Spanish.

13. Tortugas de Daytona

Daytona Beach does what it can to help save endangered sea turtles so this name checks out and it’s a nice nod to the local wildlife.

12. El Paso Chihuahuas

OK, so they might have the best hat around (We’re purchasing it right now) but obviously, El Paso Chihuahuas didn’t need to change anything here. Given the fact that their fanbase is Hispanic heavy, why try and fix something that isn’t broken?

11. Everett Conquistadores

We’re not sure if this is an original name or a tribute to WWF’s Puerto Rican tag team José Estrada Sr. and Jose Luis Rivera from the 80’s. Either way, we approve.

10. San Bernardino Cucuys

Another great name. This one given after the Mexican mythical monster that would come and eat you at night if you didn’t behave. Te va llevar el Cucuy….that’s all you needed to say and it was good behavior for a month. Nicely done, SB.

9. Corpus Christi Raspas

Let’s be real, it can get hot in Texas. Nothing cools a person off better than a raspado, which is the Mexican version of a snowcone. They’re perfect for summer games to cool yourself off with the perfect blend of natural fruit, juice, and sometimes ice cream instead of ice.

8. Memphis Musica

When you think of music from Memphis, maybe you think blues or rock ‘n’ roll. Could’ve been a little more specific with the name to appeal to the Latino culture like Memphis Merengue. The alliteration is still there!

7. Rancho Cucamonga Temblores

Just another translation, but you’re saved just because you come from a highly-Hispanic populated area so you know you gotta serve your community. Still, would have liked some more imagination.

6. Brooklyn Jefes

This is a solid name, as it exemplifies the no-nonsense attitude of Brooklyn but at the same time it pushes the agenda of boss, the one to respect and admire. It was also a less-used nickname for Fidel Castro so there’s that. Regardless, Brooklyn Jefes gets the job done, no matter how simple it may sound.

5. Greenville Energia

Don’t think of this as “Greenville Energy” as in actual electrical or gas power but the name is supposed to take on the other meaning as in vivacity, enthusiasm and spirit. If it was the former, this would be a lame name.

4. Las Vegas Reyes De Plata

Dios mio, Las Vegas. You killed it with this. KILLED IT. The Las Vegas Silver Kings wasn’t created this year but it’s still a ridiculously good name. Side note: Los Reyes de Plata sound like the baddest 90’s breakdancing crew and we’re all for it.​

3. Mariachis de Nuevo México

If this team doesn’t have maricachis performing every player’s walk-up song, they’re doing it wrong. This is one heck of a name. No better way to spice up a night than by an appearance by a mariachi band. Try it for a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, whatever. You won’t regret it.

2. Round Rock Chupacabras

It’s Spanish for “goat-sucker” but it’s one of the legendary and scariest creatures only reportedly been seen but never 100% confirmed. A few years ago in Texas, a man claimed that he was late to work because he spotted a Chupacabra outside of Houston. If you’re a team named after a farm animal, you fear the chupacabras.

1. San Antonio Flying Chanclas

Hispanic children are so well-behaved because they grew up in fear of the chancla. What is it? It translates to sandal but it goes beyond footwear. You never underestimate a mother who can throw a chancla as a form of discipline. It’s not mean-spirited. It’s a learning tool. What you want in the team name of a professional sports team should intimidate opponents and this does that perfectly.